Happy Halloween

On Tuesday in Canary class we talked about what we would be dressing up as for Halloween and what our favourite sweets are when we go trick or treating.

Levi said, ‘A skeleton and I like big cola bottles’

Jessica H said, ‘A pumpkin and I like cola bottles’

Cohen said, ‘A skeleton and I like jelly babies’

Emileigh said, ‘ A spooky spider and I like bottles too’

Ruben said, ‘A green skeleton and I like crunchies’

Tilly said, ‘I like sweets’

Fraser said, ‘A ghost and I like sweets’

Millie said,’A scary cat and I like cherries’

Jasmine said, ‘A witch’

Thomas said, ‘A ghost and I like cherries too’

Zack said, ‘Captain America’

Olly said, ‘A zombie’

Pria said, ‘A witch’

Jessica said, ‘A witch’

George said, ‘A dinosaur and I like lovehearts’

Dylan said, ‘A pumpkin’

Luca said, ‘A pumpkin’




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