Home blogging challenge

Where might you find this creature?

What name would you give this creature?

Please post your entries to the home blogging challenge here by Thursday 30th November.


2 thoughts on “Home blogging challenge

  1. stully Post author

    The Fluffy is from a long time ago and people didn’t like him because he was a monster. They tried to chase and scare him like Pete’s dragon. The fluffy ran away to France and he will stay there for 20 weeks. But he sometimes comes back in the summer holidays to play in the gardens at night when people are not looking.

    By Amber


  2. Catherine

    The Funny Bunny lives in a cave in Silly Billy Land. The cave is dark, wet and grey. The Funny Bunny is grey and white and has two feet and two arms. Funny Bunny can fly and jump up to the ceiling. She has big grey eyes which light up like a torch so she can see in the dark and big ears so she can fly. Funny Bunny lives with her Mummy and Daddy.

    By Annabelle H



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