What would you like for Christmas…

This week we have been thinking about all things Christmas related and we asked the children what they have asked for from Father Christmas here is what they said…

Louis said, ‘A skateboard’

Minnie said, ‘A train set’

Levi said, ‘A motorbike’

Zack said, ‘Playdough’

Jasmine said, ‘A caravan with barbies’

Holly said, ‘A medal’

Eleanor said, ‘A Barbie campervan’

Olly said, ‘A real sparkly racing car’

Emileigh said, ‘A kiddi superstar and a scooter’

Luca said, ‘A new scooter’

Oscar C, ‘Playdough and a trainset’

Ferne said, ‘A sheep’

Charlotte said, ‘A yo yo and an ice cream shop’


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