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What would you like for Christmas…

This week we have been thinking about all things Christmas related and we asked the children what they have asked for from Father Christmas here is what they said…

Louis said, ‘A skateboard’

Minnie said, ‘A train set’

Levi said, ‘A motorbike’

Zack said, ‘Playdough’

Jasmine said, ‘A caravan with barbies’

Holly said, ‘A medal’

Eleanor said, ‘A Barbie campervan’

Olly said, ‘A real sparkly racing car’

Emileigh said, ‘A kiddi superstar and a scooter’

Luca said, ‘A new scooter’

Oscar C, ‘Playdough and a trainset’

Ferne said, ‘A sheep’

Charlotte said, ‘A yo yo and an ice cream shop’

Drawing a map of Worksop

This week in Canary class we have been thinking about our local area and the buildings we are familiar with. On Friday we worked together in our groups to draw a map of the town centre.

Animal habitats

This week in Canary class we have been learning all about animal habitats. We went into the outdoor area and made our very own animal homes using leaves and other materials that we could find.

Zack said, ‘I’m using sticks so they can crawl in. Leaves are like a blanket.’

Eleanor said,’Insects like it to be dark and warm. If there’s a storm they will be safe’

Amelia said, ‘Spiders might like to live here’

Emileigh said, ‘Bunny rabbits and worms might like to live here’

Thomas said, ‘A fly and worm would like to live here because it’s so warm’

Harry said,’Worms and spiders’

Olly said, ‘I’ve seen a spider under the leaves’

Happy Halloween

On Tuesday in Canary class we talked about what we would be dressing up as for Halloween and what our favourite sweets are when we go trick or treating.

Levi said, ‘A skeleton and I like big cola bottles’

Jessica H said, ‘A pumpkin and I like cola bottles’

Cohen said, ‘A skeleton and I like jelly babies’

Emileigh said, ‘ A spooky spider and I like bottles too’

Ruben said, ‘A green skeleton and I like crunchies’

Tilly said, ‘I like sweets’

Fraser said, ‘A ghost and I like sweets’

Millie said,’A scary cat and I like cherries’

Jasmine said, ‘A witch’

Thomas said, ‘A ghost and I like cherries too’

Zack said, ‘Captain America’

Olly said, ‘A zombie’

Pria said, ‘A witch’

Jessica said, ‘A witch’

George said, ‘A dinosaur and I like lovehearts’

Dylan said, ‘A pumpkin’

Luca said, ‘A pumpkin’



Practising name writing in red group…

This week we have been practising our name writing using our interactive whiteboard. We are very proud of our work.

Water painting

This week in Canary class we have been using water and paintbrushes to practice our mark making in the outdoor area.